Saturday, 5 June 2010

Miss St. Lucia UK 2010

Spent last night supporting my friend, at the Miss St. Lucia UK 2010 pageant:

How gorgeous is she?

What I wore:

(Reiss cardi, PB Market dress, Vintage Belt, YSL shoes)

I know using the words beauty and pageant in the same sentence, will probably strike fear into any fashionista. There was indeed a lot of pouting, posing, bitching and the occasional drunk mother psychically acting out their daughters dance routine (yep like they do with five years).

Yes people over five still do pageants.

Yes, by 'supporting' I mean shouting 'back up that truck' when my friend walked down the stage in a swimsuit.

Fun fun.



  1. this is amazing. looks like so much fun. those shows on t.v. documenting american kid pageants that take place in the south always freak me out. they had fake teeth that they would wear?! anyway... i'm sure this was nothing like that. have you seen little miss sunshine?!

    p.s. i LOVE your outfit. the cardi, the belt, the maxi, THOSE SHOES... looking hot my love.

  2. Oh WOW. She looks amazing!
    As do youuuu. I hate you for how a-mayyy-ZING you look in that white maxi. I would look appalling.

    Also, where have you been all my life..?! I miss you. I may have to send you some crazy-ass emails again because I haven't had one from you in a while.

    love you xx

  3. Your friend is hot stuff but i have to say im biased so you are DEFO hotter stuff. You look b-eaut! x

  4. Argh child beauty pageants are horrendous! I can never understand why those parents think their cute little kids actually look better wearing fake tan and makeup (and, like Jen said, fake teeth!) - horrible horrible horrible!
    Anyway, I'm sure your friend's pageant wasn't like that, and yeah, she is super pretty!

    I love your dress by the way, it looks great with that gold belt - effortlessy chic.

  5. love your outfit. from the shoes to the cardi. perfect.

  6. your outfit looks great,love the maxi dress! your friend is such a beauty! hope she won!

  7. ^^ Ohh, she didn't win, I forgot to say, haha.

    @Clara- thanks dollface

    @Jen- yes I've seen it, it's hilarious. I love the last scene with the dancing, haha.

    @Mills- yep, an email sesh is in order. Miss ya missy!


  8. I really love the outfit you are wearing.SarahD

  9. The dress matching with the belt is stunning :) Suits you so well!!
    And she seriously is gorgeous! Such lovely hair!

    Enter my giveaway also please :) xox

  10. I have that throw sweater in cream!!! I love it!

    Proud of you for making it through a pageant-- not sure I could do that =/

  11. ahh looks so fun. i loveee your outfit by the wayyyy.
    misssss u.

  12. I luuurve this jacket! Topshop? And of course the YSLs - divine!

    Miss B xx

  13. I love your maxi dress! gorgeous x