Monday, 7 June 2010

What to wear...

If you like falling down stairs:

Shirt: Gap, Jeans: Monki, Clogs: Pierre Hardy x Gap- thanks for taking my pic Jen <3

Outside the Robinson Pfeffer showroom... the people that brought Stolen Girlfriend's Club to the UK (more on them tomorrow)- God bless them!

Anyho, I wore my clogs to work today. Then I fell down the stairs. Twice. Then I tripped over. Twice... Moral of the story:

F*cking clogs!

Today I learnt that:
  • Jen is freakishly tall
  • Clogs are your foe
  • I have zombie eyes (see photo 2)
  • I look like a 10 year old with my hair tied up (see both photos)
  • I have no bearings- case in point:
'So, if someone asks if you're facing East or West... what exactly does that mean?'(To random guy on bike)

In other news, my Marc Jacobs x Maripol spring ring was waiting for me when I got home:

Whoop Whoop!

My collection of gold brass rings just keeps on truckin'.



  1. you looking great my lady! for real! love love those jeans on you! such great legs! ;)

  2. Well obviously I have spare cash lying around to go and buy a Marc Jacobs ring too...yer, right now...or not! I'm jealous :) I have a thing for rings right now and yours are tempting me.

    On another note, ahaha you make me laugh. Your clogs sound evil though! !

    love youuu x

  3. I love your outfit!

    Lydia xxx

  4. you are freaking hilarious. so sorry if i was acting like a bit of a spazz today. i got home and fell face into my bed... so totally exhausted! was lovely to see you. and i SWEAR i will NEVER forget the image of you in the tube with your hair blowing forward... that was seriously the most hilarious thing i've seen. xx

  5. love your clogs!! you put together everything so nicely :)

  6. Awww you poor thing. I fell down with my new shoes too it was embarrassing. I'd suggest you take your clogs to your shoe repair and get them to apply a rubber sole under your shoes so you won't slip/skid :D

  7. I want that MJ ring! Thank you

    LOL Im loving those clogs as well

  8. Love those clogs! And as for those INCREDIBLE legs... xxx

  9. Falling down the stairs once is bad enough, but twice? Mortifying! We've all been there though - hope you didn't hurt yourself!
    Marc Jacobs ring = dreamy!

  10. oh i need those shoes in my life xxxx

  11. Clogs/ clog variations are the devil I tell you! I've fallen in mine too many times to remember now. I've said it before, yours are a thing of beauty. As is that spring ring. Goodness.

  12. Oooh no, the things we do for shoes eh?Ever time I'm wearing heels (actually even when i'm not), I have this unnatural fear of falling face first down the escalators at the tube - which thankfully I am yet to do.

    But at least you look fabulous while doing it ;)

    Miss B xx

  13. ha ha, I love your list of things you learned! And your ring. And however impractical the shoes, at least you look fabulous! x

  14. Haha, you're hilarious! I don't think I could wear clogs and not fall at least twice. Honestly. But I won't have a problem with that because I totally dislike clogs--the Chanel ones and all their imitations. Love those jeans on you, your 'love' ring and the new purchase! My mom has a silver spiral ring and I've loved it since I was little but of course it's too big for my too thin fingers, as most rings I try on. Lucky me.
    P.S.: I see that earrings have become a regular accessory. Thumbs up for that.

  15. I'm gonna be honest, I am not sure how I feel about clogs yet, but I like how these look. Baha, zombie eyes. Love it. Fierce. You look very cute and innocent and spring like in these pictures. DROOLING OVER THE MARC JACOBS RING. Also: the ring on your pinky finger is pretty great.<3