Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Thanking you kindly!

I was going to wait until tomorrow, to tell you about the haamazing time I had at the Rare AW10 press day, but I just couldn't wait to show you this gorgeous dress I was gifted by the kind folk at Rare:

How lucky am I?! (yes that is a smug grin in the first shot)

Methinks this is the perfect summer dress.

Love you longtime Rare!


p.s Full press day lowdown tomorrow... off to dance around in my shiny new dress! :-D


  1. gorgeous dress darling. it fits you so well.
    hope youre having a wonderful week!

    xx ediot

  2. ahhhh this looks amazing on you! you are such a stunner.

  3. you look amazing! the one they gave me was a 12, and too big :(

  4. you look so beautiful! i'm very much in love with mine too. xxx

  5. wow, that one is even more gorgeous! love it! you look smashing!

  6. You look stunning. I opened the bag, and thought it was a top, I wasn't even going to try and get my wrist in there. Never mind, my friend is going to be very happy in her new dress. so glad I bumped in to you,you made it so fun. xx

  7. I know, how amazing is it! Looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Funny, I tried mine on and thought it was too dressy for me so tried styling it with a denim waistcoat and brogues...everyone there tonight should get together and see how we all wear it differently. Lovely to see you, was very happy to see a familiar face x

  8. It's a really amazing dress! You are super lucky!

  9. OOwh my I was gonna go to Rare, if not for a date with the bf... You looook like a dolll, but a hawt one bahaha

  10. The press day was fantastic wasn't it? I was so surprised to see a dress in the bag...although it's a few sizes too big I'll make it work somehow!


  11. I loove it! The design is amazing, love the sleeves and bare back!

  12. Ediot- you are always so cheery. <3 you!

    Jen- YOU are such a stunner, thanks dollface!

    Dannikate- Such a shame!

    Styleeast- I know what you mean, It's ultra girly lol.

    Notjustmedical- Make it work mami!