Monday, 22 November 2010

Barmy Barre Ballet

What do you get when you mix bloggers, ballet and booze...?

 (Pic: Stolen from Geneva)

Luckily the latter was last; which in hindsight was a very good idea. No, not because Frame of Shoreditch would have to had supervised a bunch of drunken bloggers dancing, but more because booze has magical numbing powers on achey-breakey knees, for those who over-confidently replied (in unison) 'a little' when asked if we'd done ballet before. N.B in ballet, 'a little' means nada.
Having myself taken ballet classes through ages 5-12, I still resembled a geriatric monkey.
But, fun is fun and Frames Barre Ballet class launch, had it in abundance- definitely try a class (if you're bad!). Plus, DIY-ing your own ballet shoes and BOOZE always counteracts laughs at your crab-like walks' expense!

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  1. holly effing HECK! I would have literally flown to London to this event. Customised ballet shoes! what a stroke of genius! And so cute that all the girls really reflects their style. I think I love Shini's the mostest.