Sunday, 14 November 2010

A few things...

1. Blowonline shoot 
2. Prada shoes
3. Foil trousers
4. New Kate Moss x Topshop playsuit (and mermaid hair)
5. 'Round Two' YSL Arty (pic by Kit at LFW)

The whole posting-once-a-week thing is becoming embarrassing guys- eek! I'm still endeavouring to pull all my fave press day photos together to show you.
Anyway, these are a few things I've been doing/loving recently. I assisted on an amazing shoot for Blowonline on Friday, which has really made me want to get back into styling (watch this space for the result). I found the foil Dolce trousers at *whispers* T.K Maxx, after a friend raved about buying a Pucci dress for buttons there. They were only £80 and I really regret not buying them *slaps herself*. I also finally replaced my Arty ring. Urgghh, I hate thieves!



  1. SHIT! Those trousers are amazing. I keep hearing talk of treasures being unearthed in t.k maxx...

    You got the fringe playsuit?! YUM

    Miss youuu x

  2. love the ring and Your nails look amazing!

  3. You didn't buy the trousers??? Go back and get them - they are out of this world! So glad to see you with a YSL back on your finger. Maybe glue it there this time ha ha! x

  4. Shame to see your YSL ring is no longer with you, but you still have your Prada shoes haha.

  5. Again your hair..buff ting

  6. So glad to see you wear the ring again! Sorry it happened to you.

  7. umm the fourth photo of you is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! your hair, your eyes, your eyelashes; LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Dont worry about the once a week posting; life gets the best of all of us