Sunday, 7 November 2010

Weird guy stuff

(Gilet: Ducie, Jacket: Zara, Jumper: H&M, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Boots: Acne)

Wore this yesterday to go shopping with my sister. A guy came up to me in Topshop and attempted to chat me up. Brace yourselves, romantics...

Him: Hi, I just had to stop you because I saw you and you look gorgeous.
Me: Umm, thanks.
*Note here that my sister was also present.
Him: (to my sister) So do you, but I saw her first (how romantic, right?).
Him: Anyway, I just wanted to get your number, so we could meet up.
*Note here that he was wearing a tribal necklace and had hair straighter than my own.
Me: Yeah, actually I have a boyfriend.
Him: So do I, but he could cook us dinner.
Me: *scratches head* *scratches head again* umm, no thanks, but it was nice to meet you.
Him: Well, actually it wasn't, because I didn't get to take you out.
Me: Okay, bye!

I kid you not.

Weird guy stuff happens to me more often than not.



  1. hahaha, oh my. i have had some weird guy stuff happen to me in the past, but nothing as hilariously ridiculous as this! very much looking forward to weird guy stuff #2. xx

  2. You are so funny PP!!! Next time say you're a lesbian lol.

  3. Hahaha that is way to funny and weird too. The things some people say & do really have to make you think lol.

  4. ha! That's amazing. I think it must be the boots, the boots look like they could have special powere over men (and the rest of you obviously, you do look lovely!) x

  5. Hahahaha Some people are weeeeeird! But I guess he needed to try!
    You look gorgeous and I'm in love with your boots!! xxxxx

  6. Aah still in L.O.V.E with those BOOTSSS!!!

    And i need to get me some cheap mondays stat!

  7. whoa. that seriously weird. glad you didn't give him your number... and slightly curious how he actually thought that line would get someone's number... hopefully no one has ever fallen for it before.

    p.s. looking hot. has your hair got even shorter?? it looks good. xx

  8. Aaah LOL !! Hair straighter than mine. Oh goodness I feel your pain. I'm usually like "you better be asking for the time or directions" and I get the "Are you from Nigeria?" pick up line. Ugh. It seems these days a boyfriend is not a deterrent and unfortunately mase spray is banned from the public. :-)

  9. Hilarious!

    I've had more weird guy stuff than I can recall, but a favourite was being approached (with MY sister, come to think of it) in a funeral parlour in NYC, ages ago, after a great aunt's funeral. He asked me what I was doing after the funeral. I was so knocked sideways I didn't know how to answer that - all I could think was 'am I actually being hit on at my great aunt's funeral??' and my sister - a beautiful blond - was giving me these looks like we were trying not to laugh. Finally I found the power of speech and said 'Uh, I was actually planning to go to the cemetery for, you know, the burial part..' and he said 'So am I! Let's go together!'

    Made my excuses and my sister and I were then in the impossible situation of trying to run down the stairs, eyes tearing from trying not to burst out laughing at a funeral.

    I know I haven't sent you the photos yet and I'm so sorry: it's been a really hectic time. I want to do a proper post on you very soon & will send you a bunch, they're really lovely. Hope you're well Jackie O! xx