Friday, 5 November 2010

There's a thin line...

Threw on my favourite winter boots today:

k n e e  hi g h  s h i n y  s q u e a k y

I've had them for years, because they never seem to go out of fashion... maybe that's because they were never in fashion...who cares?!
I've always thought their block (not stiletto) heel, bridged the gap between acceptable and unacceptable hooker boots. I'm also always wolf-whistled, at every time I wear them (so maybe not).
Picked up this jumper at H&M whilst on my unsucessful search for these:

Kinda reminds me of this.
Have a great weekend lovers :-)


P.S- Sorry for the lack, of (quality) posting recently. I've been riding the press day wave for 2 weeks.


  1. ohhh those zara shoes that you were after are so gorgeous. i want those little beauties too. very cool jumper that you picked up. i like the length difference between the front and the back. love your faux-hooker boots! were the whistles also singing, 'hey jackie your so fine!'? because if not you should have told them to. xx

  2. Wow, that jumper is fabulous and I personally adore your boots x

  3. That fur scarf is gorgeous. And i ADORE that jumper.xoxo

  4. love love the boots! and i get what you mean about press day overload...xx

  5. You look lovely, Jackie! I really love your earrings, I'm still trying to find a pair like those, but no luck for now. Have a great weekend! xxx

  6. That red lippie looks scrummy on yoouu! xx

  7. it must be so fabuolous to be you, you know how to work those boots!

    btw I always seemed to be a couple of steps behind you as I saw your name in a few signed in books never mind hopefullyy bump in to you another time. xx

  8. ive always been a fan of patent,so love these. oh the pain, as stupid as i am i carried doing my hair! x

  9. great blog <3


  10. i think this is my favourite ever outfit of yours, you look so lovely. i adore the colour palette, your hair looks great pulled back and the lipstick suits your skin tone so well! xx

  11. I'm loving those Zara shoes too - hope you manage to get hold of a pair!

    This is (as usual) a gorgeous outfit - I think the boots are fab and I agree, the block heel takes them out of hooker territory haha! x