Saturday, 2 April 2011

At Blow PR


That piano you've probably seen plonked on Gaga's head, or that latex dress you've seen Rhianna writhing around in, most probably came from the Haus of Blow*.

Last Thursday I popped into Blow PR's press day to see what outrageous AW11 fashion fancies awaited me... and yep, the refreshing leaders of the alternative pack didn't leave me disappointed:

(2. William Wilde, 3. Little Shilpa, 4 & 5. Flik Hall, 6. Ekaterina Kukhareva, 9. Underground, 10. Claudia Ligari, 12. Hassan Hejazi, 13. Bryce Aime)

I have to hand it to Blow. Without agencies like them supporting avant-garde talent, fashion would be a numbingly boring and generic place. Concept stores like Machine-A, stylists like Anna Trevelyan and genius fashion-hybrid concepts, such as Charlie Le Mindu's haute coiffure would be few and far between.
I mean honestly, who doesn't need a dose of latex or studs in their life...?

*Technically there's no Haus, but it does't stop their designers from being a pretty rad collective!


  1. Oh goodness! I love the shoes!


  2. Legendary, as always.

    Miss you lady! xx

  3. Love this post Jackie. Love that you are posting about what YOU want to post about... it's your unique take on what is cool and good about fashion that makes me like coming to your blog. You have a great insight.

    Some of these items are shocking but incredible... others are incredible and I want to WEAR THEM RIGHT NOW!

    Looks like the press day was awesome! Wish I could have been there for it! xx