Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cos sometimes I'm incompetent

This is how I make most some of my decisions...

Apart from a real handbag, sometimes you just need something that you can throw all your crap into, no?
A kind of  fuss-free, unpretentious, throw-you-on-the-floor anti-hero type bag. I'm really not a bag person and I'm still looking for the perfect not-a-handbag-bag to replace the plain black tote (I got free at a LFW show to add insult to injury) I've been lugging around for six months. So anyway I think I'll take this.



  1. I must have about 30 or so free sacks from LFW, press days and random events, I use them to store socks, paper junks, press releases and lookbooks.

  2. You are too funny! Totally LOVE that MMM bagggg! And what a shocker - the price is sooo goood! You always manage to find the coolest things from the best designers at the most reasonable prices... lovvvve it. Perfectly you and very understated yet super chic.

    Me likey. Hope you have it dangling from your arm when I see you next! xx