Friday, 29 April 2011

I'm not mad at you

(Balenciaga SS11, Image: Coolspotters)

Wouldn't mind these... NOT AT ALL.

Umm... did I post them before? I don't even know. Probably. Sorry.

Can you tell I'm pretty bat-sh*t crazy about them?

Trying to overcome my aversion to sandals *shudders* by convincing myself that these count as 'semi-sandals'.

I know they don't.

Whatever helps.


  1. I've spent the past couple of days debating whether to go and actually try them on in selfridges and splash my hard earned ebay cash! Aaahh

  2. There was a girl wearing these at the Ann D stocksales. I was tempted to steal the whilst she was trying on other shoes!

  3. yaaaahhhh.... they are look boot-sandals. very cool. i think they count! xx

  4. i meant LIKE boot sandals... not look boot sandals... heh. xx