Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pineapple Head

(Jacket: H&M (old), Organza Vest: TBA & Bloomers: Amber Sakai C/O H.PR, Shoes: Prada)

3 days later.

Cabin fever.

So I s'pose I'm back... slowly slowly... (I know, long hiatus eh?)

Life's too short to sit around and mope about shit you can't change. Fact.

I miss my hair extensions.

I'm going to New York.

I need new shoes.



  1. yaaaaaaay welcome back :D

    and you look amazing , i love the outfit xoxo

  2. Those shorts are so cute, great summer outfit.

    I want to go New York :(...x

  3. Great outfit! I wish it were warm enough here to wear something so cute like that.
    Oh, and I love the jacket.

    Deer. Lady

  4. I like your hair Jacks, super cute

  5. Did you say New York?!! Grrr why am I stuck here. Ugh *throwing my head back and almost breaking my neck* All I want you to bring back for me is some hot New York guy who is an artist / model / slash just damn good looking / somewhere along the lines of James Franco (he''s my flavor of the month ya know). and some American candy.

    Have fun! When are you going ? Erm, we need to catch up. meeting Remi this weekend so get that cute booty of urs over here.

  6. newwwwwww yawkkkkkk?!
    You know thats where I live right?! LOL
    Whats your plans for your trip?!??? I dont know why i'm so excited. I feel like a friend is coming into town.


  7. Haha Extensions are awesome!
    Anyway, i love your shorts!!!
    SO so so so love!!!
    Thanks for the Inspiration :D

  8. I love this blog man. and i love ur relaxed looks no matter what your wearing you're relaxed. I just started my own blog on and would love if people checked it out and gave me some feedback?