Wednesday, 20 April 2011


(T-Shirt: Monki, Pants: Acne, Shoes: Prada, Bag: UO)

My friend Kit will probably kill me for posting these shots (because she's a perfectionist) but I really like night time shots. Anyway these were taken around Notting Hill before she decided to take out a Boris Bike... and then couldn't find anywhere to doc it :s

I spent today running errands and generally in freak-out-mode, after realising that there were about a zillion bank holidays in the next two weeks. I never thought I'd be one of those people that didn't look forward to time off :/
Really looking forward to the launch of 4or Ways to Wear (shameless plug) read more HERE (if you didn't see the big fat sign a few posts down)!



  1. You are a helluva babe. You and Boris make an excellent pairing. p.s. HOT SHOES!! xx

  2. Great outfit, loving the trousers with the slouchy top...x

  3. Ah my first night shot, not bad hey?

  4. Notting Hill is one of my favourite parts of London! Love the pictures!