Sunday, 24 April 2011

S*it Happens...

(Crop Top: Amber Sakai, C/O H.PR, Trousers & Sunglasses: C/O Rokit Vintage)

I thought I'd keep you posted on what's been happening over the past few days...

I always thought I was pretty sassy; that was until last Thursday when I was randomly physically attacked on the bus by a crazy woman. Things like that put things into perspective, and although I gave as good as I got, my face is pretty scratched up and my rib hurts when I sneeze, haha. So anyway I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself and generally not leaving my house, because tbh I'm pretty vain when it comes to my appearance (yep, I said it).
So one thing I've learnt from the situation is that I've got some pretty great friends, Fiona (who came to my rescue) Kit and Clara to name a few, plus Jen who spent time with me on her birthday (still sad I missed the celebrations) and Dan, who checked in from Spain- thank you, love you.

I hope everyone is having a great Easter...

I gave up candy for Lent, so I've been stuffing my face with mini eggs all morning- eek! We're just about to have dinner, but earlier I took my favourite person (how cute is my nephew?) out to play, and just chilled out and enjoyed the sun.



p.s- I not sure I'll still be launching '4or Ways' at the end of the month. Gonna take a few days off blogging to just chill and recoup. Will keep you posted.

EDIT. Thank you for your kind comments and emails. I almost didn't post this because I'm not really a sharer or a 'sob story' sort of person, and although that may sound weird considering blogging is narcissism-central, some things you just like to keep to yourself, y'know?Anyway, it's lovely to know that people care about more than just what shoes I'm wearing, haha :)


  1. Oh my days what happened?

    Hope your feel better soon, take

  2. OMG what?!!! Where was this? I hope you are ok. Jesus. +_+

  3. Love you my little Jackie. You look gorge in these photos as always.

    Makes me totally sick that there is not more social awareness and responsibility between people these days. You are a doll and would never hurt a fly. Really proud of you for being so honest about it and having the courage to get your skinny butt outside.

    Happy Easter. xx

  4. You look gorgeousss. Love yoouu x

  5. I hope you feel better soon, I saw your tweet about the attack and I was speechless.

    Happy Easter,
    you look stunning xo

  6. Omg I didn't know about this. I'm glad to read that you're better now. I hope those days off help you get over it. You look gorgeous in those pictures. Take care. xxx

  7. omg , i hope it wasnt anything serious :/

    hope all is well xoxo

    savlon foreva x

  9. also. your nephew. too cute. just like you as a kid. x

    I am just glad that you are okay.
    Get out and enjoy the sun, and life -- continue surrounding yourself with positive and love AND no matter what, do not sit at home and feel sorry for yourself.

    take care

  11. I really hope youre better now Jackie. Glad youre enjoying the sunshine =D Your nephew is a cutie

  12. I hope you are ok and they caught the bitch that did that to you.

  13. so sorry to hear about your bus incident! that's scary and definitely a good reason to lay low. you look great though and congrats on being able to eat candy again!

    ps. giveaway on my blog!

  14. That's so sad to hear, Hope your feeling better :) Your Nephew is too cute. xx

  15. Jesus, just read your post and I can't believe that happened. That's awful. My friend got happy slapped on a bus by a load of kids a few years ago. She was proper petrified. Must say you are looking beautiful now m'dear. Hope you recover ok. BTW, loving the new location shots- it looks almost tropical in one of them in front of the brick wall -you are still in London, right? xx

  16. ^^Haha, indeed still in London! And thanks for your concern ;)