Monday, 11 April 2011


(Dress: Topshop Boutique, Boots: PH x Gap)

Wore this to the Rockit bloggers event organised by Nik yesterday, which turned out to be the most perfect Sunday afternoon (more on that to come later). I wanted this dress for a really long time, but it's kind of short, so I cut up some tights and hey presto, cycling shorts!
Fyi, I'm kind of scared of sandals (anyone else feel the same way?) I don't get them, and I never really buy them (maybe feet are my problem) but the weathers hotting up a bit too quickly for me to keep wearing my trustie ankle boots for much longer, so I'm gonna look for some this week. Eek!



  1. You looked stunning!

  2. Love the dress, and great DIY cycling shorts. I don't really own a pair of sandals either! xx

  3. Love the dress and I guess you can wear those boot-like sandals that were going round late last summer or wedges. That way you dont conform to the pressure of sandals lol

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  4. great dress and this year, i'm going for those basket weave type shoes sandal hybrids (does that make sense...?) I'm a bit worried about naked feet, and I HATE flip flops as footwear!


  5. That's gotta be the cutest dress I've seen all day. (: